Buddy Brew Coffee at Oxford Exchange

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today’s post comes as an exciting announcement. The Buddy Brew Coffee Bar has officially opened inside Tampa’s newest attraction, Oxford Exchange (or OE for short).

If you’ve followed the buzz surrounding Oxford Exchange, you might have some idea about what this unique place has to offer. If not, I am pleased to inform you that it is not a place to trade dictionaries.

OE is a modern community center and meeting place founded on the idea that art, literature, wonderment and fine food bring people together. OE is unique in that it is made up of different distinct business areas that manage to seamlessly flow into one another. The different areas of OE are The Bookstore, The Shop, The Restaurant, the upstairs Commerce Club, TeBella Tea Company, and of course, Buddy Brew Coffee.

The Buddy Brew Coffee Bar is located in the atrium of OE and gives off a distinctly different feel than the roastery that we all know and love.  Service is faster, more grab-and-go, and more akin to a traditional Italian espresso bar than the informal hangout-and-chat vibe you’ll find at our home base. However, bar seating at the end of the counter still ensures quality conversation with our charming baristas (who may look a little different in their crisp white shirts and ties). In terms of coffee technology, our espresso bar at OE is first-rate, boasting not one, but two La Marzocca Strada EP espresso machines, K30 Twin Mahlkönig espresso grinders, a Marco Über Boiler water dispenser, plus an entire dedicated Slow Bar station offering pourovers, VacPots and French presses. This bar was designed for high-volume service and was outfitted with the tools to match.

The Buddy Brew Coffee Bar at OE may feel different from the quaint, livingroom-style atmosphere you’ll find at the roastery, but the quality of coffee and our philosophy is still just the same. Community through coffee.

So if you find yourself around Downtown or the University of Tampa, pop over and say hello, grab some coffee and check out the beautiful new Oxford Exchange. Until next time, cheerio.

Oxford Exchange is located at: 420 W Kennedy Blvd, 7:30 to 5:30 M – F.

The Buddy Brew Blog – Inaugural Post

Welcome, friend! Pull up a chair, put your feet up, grab a cup of coffee. Welcome to the official Buddy Brew blog.

Buddy Brew started as a way to share joy among friends through delicious coffee. Even though our shop, team, and business has grown out of the garage and into a couple of real brick and mortar locations, our purpose is still the same: community through coffee. We live off our daily interaction with our customers—it doesn’t matter if we’re part of your daily grind or if you’re a first timer looking for a better cup. The bottom line is that we love to share coffee with everyone.

And that’s where the Buddy Brew blog comes in. Here you’ll find all things Buddy Brew—news, updates, contests, articles, behind-the-scenes looks, and all the coffee talk you could ask for. So leave us a message, check back often, and thanks for a being a buddy.