Bean of the Month - Mexico - Oaxaca, La Pluma

Historically, Mexican coffee was viewed as an inexpensive, low-grown blender with cup characteristics including a nuttiness, chocolate, and generally mild citric acid. However, today, high-grown Mexican coffee has extremely interesting complex citric and malic acidity, balanced sweetness in the form of chocolate and toffee, and an overall clean cup. 
Nestled in the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range, smallholder farmers near the town of Pluma Hidalgo cultivate this coffee in a very rustic and artisan way, honoring the love of coffee and the land passed down from generation to generation for almost 200 years.
Here at Buddy Brew we have long loved Mexican coffees. As the years have gone by the coffee has only increased in quality. The past 3 Mexican coffees we have brought in have all been from Oaxaca. This region is one of the more impressive regions for producing coffee in the Central America region. This is one of our favorite regions and we are always finding hidden gems from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and many more! 
This coffee is a great every day drinker. When we say that we mean it is a more approachable coffee with less exotic flavors. Something great to share with friends that are new to speciality coffee! This coffee has notes of Hazelnut, Toffee and Cocoa with the acidity of fresh raspberries. You can purchase this coffee here!

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