Bean of the Month - Congo - Lake Kivu - SOPACDI Co-op

This coffee really means a lot to us, not only for the amazing flavors, but for the message behind it. There are more than 5,200 members of this cooperative and 20% of them are female. A portion of the profits are even set aside for the SOPACDI women's group for activities of their choosing. The DRC has long dealt with conflict and suffering. This cooperative has had to deal with all of these personal and economical woes. Their goal is, and always has been, to bridge ethnic groups and grow incredible coffee. Year after year they have expanded, growing their operation to include more and more farmers. 

The DRC is not an easy place to trade coffee. With different uprisings in the country effecting trade and the safety of transporters, coffee farmers have had to find creative ways to use their coffee. Some have had to "smuggle" their coffee over the boarder to trade for others good that they can bring back with them to the DRC. With the increase in violence, the economy continued to plummet as there was no room for any sort of commerce. Joachim Munganga started the co-op in 2002 as a means to bring his coffee into the specialty market and to introduce people to amazing coffee from the DRC. He worked for years to get his farm in the right conditions to sell as specialty coffee. In 2008, he was able to get funding from his project and get his coffee into the international market. With this he was able to learn the business skills, repair and rehabilitate the farms, and even build their own washing station. 

This is our 2nd time offering this this coffee from the SOPACDI organization of farmers. We originally purchased this lot in 2016 when coffees from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were barely on the radar of specialty coffee shops. We are excited to bring this coffee back, better then ever, and to share this amazing story with you. Buy your coffee here and support this incredible movement!

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