Guatemala - Manuel Tzic Saso

Good things come in small packages

A closer look at our latest Guatemala - La Laguna, Manuel Tzic Saso

Our latest Guatemalan offering comes from Manuel Tzic Saso, a smallholder farmer located in the volcanic highlands overlooking La Laguna and Lake Atitlan. We discovered Manuel through Huckleberry Roasters’ Kevin Nealon, who specializes in finding off-the-beaten-path farms and co-ops that produce small lots of high-quality coffee beans. We love supporting farmers like Manuel, and once we tasted the creamy notes of cocoa, walnut and rich pomegranate, we were hooked. 

Guatemala Manuel Tzic Coffee Producing Region


Learn more from our Head Roaster Phil Holstein:

What gets you excited about this particular lot from Manuel?

Guatemalan coffees are always among my favorites and this one especially has great “cup quality.” I love how smooth and accessible it is. I can easily drink one (or three!) cups and be very satisfied. 

What approach did you take to roasting it? 

It’s all about striking the right balance, so we stayed mindful of that and just focused on developing it enough to bring out the “Taste of Place.” We wanted to bring out the notes without adding too much roast, which would cover them up.

Describe the tasting notes. 

Think of fresh pomegranate, which gives way to clean walnut flavors and sweet cream. 

In what ways are the Buddy Brew baristas showcasing this coffee?

We have a pretty limited quantity on this coffee so it is featured on the pour-over bar where attention to detail while brewing will be of utmost importance. 

What advice can you give to those who purchase the beans for making coffee at home? 

Because this coffee has such great balance in relationship to roast, acidity, body and sweetness, it is really going to work in any home brew scenario: home brewer, French press or Chemex. Personally, I’ll be brewing it similar to the way they do in the cafes. I’ll use a goose-neck kettle with a pour-over cone over a carafe. If you spend some time with it, the coffee will return the favor. 

Learn more or purchase Guatemala - La Laguna, Manuel Tzic Saso.

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