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How to Brew - Kalita Wave Pour Over

We are excited to present the first chapter in our How to Brew Video series! Here is our Kalita Wave pour over recipe. Brew at home just like we brew at our cafes. Follow along with our Master Barista Josh Thomas as he explains in detail the way to brew the perfect cup! We roast and ship our coffee on the same day. All orders are shipped next business day after order. For fresh roasted coffee to your doorstep click here https://www.buddybrew.com/collections/coffee For you brewing equipment needs,  https://www.buddybrew.com/collections/brewing-equipment

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Bean of the Month - Guatemala - Manuel Tzic

Manuel Tzic Saso's farm is at 1875 masl in Aldea Panyebar.  Aldea roughly translates to township, and Panyebar is officially part of the town of San Juan la Laguna, on the southwest shore of Lake Atitlan.  As the crow flies, Panyebar is 5-10 miles uphill from the lake shore.  But, to actually get there you'd need to drive from San Juan north along the lake shore, then upmountain to Santa Clara, then back down the backside of the ridge that sits above San Juan.  All said, it's about 15 miles and an hour of driving from the lake to Manuel's house.Manuel washes and ferments his coffee on-farm in buckets, and dries his coffee on patio.  It is all caturra and...

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Bean of the Month - Ethiopia Yirgacheffee – Banko Gotiti Gr1 Washed

Overview Banko Gotiti is a community in the most south-eastern part of Yirgacheffe, bordering the region of Hambela in Guji. Unsurprisingly, the profile of coffees from this area tend to be a hybrid between the two regions, and is likely a reason why they are so sought after. This single community lot from Banko Gotiti was processed at the Worka Chelbessa washing station being run by producer Negusse Debela and his company SNAP. History Negusse Debela has not been in the coffee industry long. Nugusse is known in Ethiopia as a computer guy, running a large successful computer part import company. While coffee does not seem like a natural leap, Nugussie was inspired on trip to Minnesota where at a...

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