Mexico - Oaxaca, San Vincent

Mexico - Oaxaca, San Vincent

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Oaxaca, Mexico is known for its culinary exports, like heirloom corn for fluffy tortillas, chiles for molé, agave for Mezcal, and of course, coffee beans. This rare lot comes from the San Vicente Yogondoy region where the Pluma Hidalgo varietal is unique. Overtones of citrus, caramel and dried date sugars provide a nice body and sweetness. Hints of cashew and Brazil nut combine with a light acidity that results in a balanced and refreshing cup that finishes with a hint of cola. If you like coffees from Mexico, or simply want to taste a light, clean and balanced coffee, you won’t be disappointed.

WHAT WE TASTE: Sweet dried dates, creamy cashew, cola



Oaxaca, Mexico 


San Vicente Yogondoy


Multiple Small Holders


1,500 – 1,700 masl 


Pluma Hidalgo


Washed 12 – 18 hours and  patio dried 


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