Congo - Lake Kivu, Sopacdi Cooperative

Congo - Lake Kivu, Sopacdi Cooperative

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This is our 2nd time offering this this coffee from the SOPACDI organization of farmers. We originally purchased this lot in 2016 when coffees from Congo were barely on the radar of specialty coffee shops. When we received the sample we were surprised by the region, but also because it was such a clean and straight forward African coffee offering. Often times African coffees carry a lot of varying fruit in the cup, but these Congo options are amazingly clean, with lots of juicy acidity, but with out the fruit characteristics that can sometimes be a little to much for our customers that prefer a more traditional flavor profile. In this cup we find a straight forward coffee with notes of Lemon and Lime acidity, fresh cherry, and a creaminess that also contributes to the mouth feel of the coffee.

Origin Congo
Region Lake Kivu
Farm Sopacdi Cooperative
Variety Bourbon and local derivatives
Altitude 1,420 to 2,000 masl
Proc. Method Fully Washed


In The Cup: Yellow Cherry, Honey, Juicy Finish

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