Ethiopia - Shoondhisa, Guji - Natural Process

Ethiopia - Shoondhisa, Guji - Natural Process

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Our latest offering is a delight for the palate, especially if you are partial to the natural process Ethiopian flavor profiles. This special coffee comes to us from Shoondhisa in Ethiopia’s Guji zone, where family farms are the norm. The small, meticulously tended farms (averaging about 2.5 hectares, or about 5 football fields) produce an exceptional coffee bean that is clean, sweet and fully organic. The “natural” or “dry” process imbues the coffee beans with a fresh, fruity essence, including hints of fruit punch, chocolate wafer and even a bit of ginger. Enjoy this truly remarkable coffee while it lasts.

WHAT WE TASTE: Fruit punch, chocolate wafers, ginger chew

BREWING RECOMMENDATIONS: Pour-over and cold pour-over brewing 




Shoondhisa, Guji zone


Sookoo Coffee (Ture Waji)


2,000 - 2,200 masl


Gibirinna 74110 and Serto 74112


Natural (dry)


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