Roaster’s Reserve Yemen – Jameeyat al Salool

Roaster’s Reserve Yemen – Jameeyat al Salool

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It is said that in 1450 Sufi monks in the Middle Eastern nation of Yemen were the first to grind and brew coffee beans for the purpose of drinking it. They especially relied on the beverage to stay awake during all-night meditation sessions. Lucky for the monks, the high elevation and extremely dry climate of Yemen creates a cup that is rustic and complex, with a quintessential “old world” profile. Sipping mindfully, one can detect the complex tasting notes, which evolve as the cup cools. When brewed as a pour-over, tart green citrus and melon notes explode on the palette, tempered by hints of creamy marzipan and cocoa powder. An underpinning of warm and spicy aromatics akin to chai and sandalwood are followed by notes of blueberry and blackberry. Share this coffee with fellow coffee lovers, identifying the tasting notes as they reveal themselves, or sip it alone as a meditative experience. Either way this coffee is a rare treat you won’t want to miss. This coffee comes in a 6oz tin.

WHAT WE TASTE: Tart citrus and melon, chai, fruits and berries





Jameeyat al Salool


Jameeyat al Salool farms


1,900 - 2,440 masl 


Tuffahi, Dawairi, Jaadi, and other heirloom varieties


Natural / Dry Process 

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