Gasparilla Roast
Gasparilla Roast

Gasparilla Roast

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Introducing our newest seasonal staple, our Gasparilla Roast. This coffee has a little bit of everything. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the open seas traversing the wild, unpredictable ocean in search of the most prized treasures of the world. How do you stay awake for those week or even month long journeys? How do you get your krewe to keep working hard? Pirates are known for their rum drinking and swashbuckling habits. Surely they needed a pick me up to get their mornings started after a long night of pirating just like us regular Joes. Well they would only have been so lucky to have this great brew!

All jokes aside, this blend really make us think of world travel and thus the reasoning of why we are attaching the famous Gasparilla name to it. There is a reason why in our tasting notes we say "adventure". It is our example of how you can take diversely different beans from extremely different regions and combine them to make something truly extraordinary and unlike any blend we have ever put out.

For those of you who don't know Gasparilla is one of the biggest celebrations that happens in the Tampa Bay Area. There are children's parades, all day festivals, night parades and even a music festival all centered around the common theme of Gasparilla! Streets are shut down, businesses closed, and people take time off from their crazy schedules to go out and celebrate in this beautiful Florida weather. Get your best pirate garb on and celebrate no matter where you are with a cup of our coffee!

You love the earthy spice of Indonesia, but need to have your fruity, complexity of Africa. You want to enjoy a sweet balanced cup from Central America, but you need that big backbone of Indonesia. Well we created the perfect blend to suit all of your coffee needs. This is a blend of coffees from around the world. We tasted and tried every combination possible and came up with this superb blend. Possibly one of the most complex and enjoyable blends every created by Buddy Brew this coffee will take your coffee experience to a whole new level. Come join us on the adventure that is our Gasparilla Roast so you really know what we are talking about!

This coffee is seasonal and will only be around for a limited time. Try yours today!

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In the cup: Spices, Florals and Adventure