Roaster’s Reserve - Guatemala, Atitlán - Geisha (6 oz. Tin)

Roaster’s Reserve - Guatemala, Atitlán - Geisha (6 oz. Tin)

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This Roaster’s Reserve selection is very likely one of our best coffees of the year, and a clear example of our Brew Good, Do Good mission in action. We have had a relationship with the Aprocafé Growers Association by way of our friends at Huck Coffee Roasters for many years. We have been able to source some amazing Guatemalan coffees from the beautiful Lake Atitlàn region through this relationship, including the delicious Manuel Tzic crops.

Because of the consistent support of Buddy Brew Coffee and others, these farmers were able to take a risk and produce a special crop of the renowned Arabica varietal known as Geisha. Geisha is costly and can be tricky to farm, because it requires just the right weather and soil conditions to produce its world-class tasting notes. But this region’s microcomate, which includes rich volcanic soil and Xocomil (daily winds), provides the perfect conditions for Geisha to thrive.

The result is a coffee that is simply spectacular, and we are honored to have played a part in the production of this rare and unique crop. This coffee has tasting notes that are complex and satisfying, with layers of aromatics and sweetness in both flavor and body. Expect floral hibiscus, hints of chocolatey cacao nibs, juicy raspberry and rich, buttery macadamia nuts.

WHAT WE TASTE: Hibiscus, cacao nibs, raspberry, Macadamia nut





San Juan La Laguna, Lake Atitlàn


Aprocafé Growers Association


1,600 - 1,700 masl 


Geisha Arabica



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