Taste of Africa Sampler

Taste of Africa Sampler

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We are excited to bring back our most popular sampler pack exclusively online! This set comes with three 6oz. bags of coffee that will give you an amazing tour of the flavors of the coffee of Africa.

We have 3 amazing coffees from 2 incredible coffee producing countries. The first two are from Rwanda from the Women's Association we have been purchasing from for the past 3 years. These coffees come from similar regions in Rwanda not too far from each other. The main difference being the processing methods, natural and washed process. Natural coffees are kept in the cherry during the drying process which results in a fruitier cup. Washed process will pulp the coffee cherry, separating it from the bean itself prior to drying. This results in flavors more representative to the bean itself

Next we have our Rainforest Roast. This is our amazing direct trade coffee brought to you by the team at Long Miles Coffee. This coffee has immediately become a fan favorite.

These projects mean the world to us. We are excited to bring them to you in 1 sampler pack! This sampler is here for a limited time. Get yours while supplies last!