Buddy Brew's Freedom Roast is a gift that gives back

Buddy Brew's Freedom Roast is a gift that gives back

Every purchase supports survivors of human trafficking through a collaboration with VuViVo Ministries

At Buddy Brew Coffee, “Brew Good, Do Good,” is more than a tagline. This mission statement permeates our corporate culture, from how we treat our customers and each other, to our investment in our community and coffee farmers all around the world. 

Because our business has a far-reaching local, regional and national presence, we have a platform that allows us to bring awareness and financial support to causes we wholeheartedly believe in. One of those causes is the fight to end human trafficking. 

Three years ago we began partnering with VuViVo Ministries (V3), a Tampa-based Christian nonprofit run by Zach Elliott and his wife Cammie. VuViVo is an acronym that translates to “Vision up, Vision in, Vision out.”

“Jesus is the vision,” Zach explained. “We believe we must first look up to Jesus so we can be more like Him. We then must look within our own heart; and lastly look out through his eyes to see the broken hearted the way He sees them — as whole, filled with life and beauty.”

V3 hosts Life and Beauty: The Podcast, a series of conversations with thought leaders on the intersection of social issues and faith.

“We created the podcast because we wanted to bring the life and beauty of the gospel to our community and the world,” Zach said. “We want to have conversations about issues like human trafficking, but we also want to go out and do something about these issues. V3 allows us to be a part of bringing life and beauty to vulnerable people who are caught in a cycle of abuse.”

Buddy Brew founders Dave and Susan Ward partnered with the Elliotts to create Freedom Roast. For every bag sold, Buddy Brew donates a portion of the proceeds to V3, who gives 100% of funds raised to organizations who are providing education, awareness and direct intervention for people ensnared in human trafficking.

“When you buy Freedom Roast, you are giving directly to this important cause,” said Dave Ward. “We are humbled beyond measure to know that through this partnership with V3, we are able to see lives restored and captives freed.”

An example of this is when the Elliotts heard about a 12-year-old girl in Brazil who was being exploited. 

“This little girl was being forced to clean her landlord’s home every week in exchange for lodging for her and her mother, and he would sexually assault the little girl. We put a call out to our area partners and within 24 hours were able to send funds to a team in Brazil who were able to get the girl and her mom immediate help and out of that situation. They were able to buy a piece of land and build a small home of their own. The need was met and that cycle was broken.”

V3 also supports local programs in Tampa, such as Heart Dance, which provides support, intervention and solutions for women working at strip clubs (many who are mothers) as well as Created Tampa, which helps prostitutes get off the streets and into a safe living and working environment. 

When the Elliotts met the Wards, they knew they had found kindred spirits and wanted to create a collaboration coffee under the “Brew Good, Do Good” banner.

“We saw how Buddy Brew was a light in the city, and how they were showing the life and beauty of the gospel through their ‘Brew Good, Do Good’ mission,” Cammie said. “We saw how they treated their staff and customers, and the organizations they supported. We knew this partnership was the perfect match.”

Susan Ward agrees. “‘Brew Good, Do Good’ is imprinted on our DNA at Buddy Brew, and partnering with V3 to create Freedom Roast was the perfect expression of our shared values. We’re thrilled to stand with this incredible cause of helping to fight human trafficking and helping care for survivors. We can’t wait for everyone to enjoy this beautiful coffee and join this fight.”

Freedom Roast is a blend of thoughtfully sourced specialty coffee beans from El Salvador and Colombia, offering tasting notes of dark chocolate and walnut. The coffee is ethically sourced, paying exceptional wages so farmers can thrive. 

“Coffee is something most of us buy anyway, all year around,” Zach said. “When we make that one consumer choice, we can do tremendous good. When you shop intentionally as a regular habit, that has a domino effect. When I think about that little girl in Brazil and her mom, it’s amazing to realize that buying one bag of coffee can have an impact all the way across the world.”

Freedom Roast whole bean coffee is available on Buddy Brew’s website in 12 oz., 2 lb. and 5 lb. bags. It also comes in a gift set, which contains a 12 oz. bag of coffee and Buddy Brew’s classic diner mug. 

 Giving Tuesday, on Nov. 28, 2023, is the perfect time to make a purchase of Freedom Roast. Visit Buddybrew.com to shop.

More about Buddy Brew

Buddy Brew Coffee was founded more than a decade ago by Dave and Susan Ward with the motto and mission: “Brew Good. Do Good.” The popular Tampa craft roaster sources only the top specialty-grade coffees, and ethically sources all coffees through direct relationships with smallholder farmers and women-owned co-ops.

Buddy Brew supports local and global charities through collaboration coffees, including OnBikes, Trees for Kibira and many others. They are actively investing in the lives of foster children, people affected by human trafficking and at risk youth. 

Purchase Buddy Brew Coffee online, at one of its nine cafe locations and on the shelves at grocery stores across the country, like Sprouts, The Fresh Market, Publix and Whole Foods.

Follow Buddy Brew at @buddybrewcoffee and follow Buddy the Dog at @buddybehindthebrew on Instagram.

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