Falling in love with Yirgacheffe

Falling in love with Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, boasts several exceptional coffee-growing regions. Of them, Yirgacheffe is perhaps its best known. Yirgacheffe is a township in the storied Sidama region in southwest Ethiopia, where coffee farming has been perfected to an art form.

The warm, tropical climate, high elevation and rich soil content all contribute to the elevated taste and exquisite quality of these specialty grade beans. At 2,000 meters above sea level Yirgacheffe’s coffee plants mature among thick vegetation at a leisurely rate, allowing the beans to develop a full bodied, fruity flavor profile with a clean finish.

With the majority of Ethiopians earning their livelihood from agriculture, it is not uncommon to see coffee-growing villages dotted across hillsides, where small-lot farmers grow “garden coffee” and transport it in handmade baskets. 

Most crops from this region are fully washed, which brings out a bright acidity and distinctive floral tasting notes. The coffees are typically farmed without pesticides and processed without chemicals, contributing to the clean, organic flavor. 

Here at Buddy Brew, we are offering a fresh Yirgacheffe crop called “Iwariti,” which means “love and persistence” in the Ethiopian Amharic language.

Iwariti is the first of four special coffees we’ll be sourcing this season from a collective of 1,100 smallholder farmers in Yirgacheffe. The farming manager is Senay Hailemariam, a respected member of the community who leads with integrity and pure compassion. 

Hailemariam’s attention to detail is evident upon first sip. The cup unfurls with vibrant floral notes and a clean sweetness that lingers throughout the tasting experience. Surprising in its weight and body, this coffee has layers of fresh lemon curd, complemented by the juicy sweetness of ripe yellow cherry and the subtle orange of bergamot tea. 

Among this diverse array of tasting notes, a delightful creaminess akin to sweet pastry or streusel emerges, seamlessly uniting on the palate. 

This Yirgacheffe offering is for all lovers of fine coffee, especially those who enjoy a lighter roast profile. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur of specialty coffee or just dipping your toe in the waters, Iwariti is a coffee you must not miss, and one you’ll never forget.

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Look for three more Buddy Brew coffees from Yirgacheffe coming soon.