What’s in your cold brew?

What’s in your cold brew?

Cold brew coffee is the hottest thing in coffee these days. A 2023 study says the cold brew coffee market is projected to grow from $3.16 billion in 2024 to $16.22 billion in the next decade.

Coffee consumers, particularly millennials, are trading in their hot or iced coffee order for cold brew, and supplementing their caffeine habit with ready-to-drink cold brew coffee in bottles and cans. 

As the producers of BOLT ready-to-drink cold brew in nitro and original, we take cold brew very seriously, and we’re happy to see consumers joining us on our cold brew journey. 

Many ready-to-drink cold brew brands on the market are made with low-quality, mass-produced coffee beans. A heat process is often used in pasteurization, further degrading the taste, so sweeteners, flavorings and chemicals are added.

BOLT has just two simple ingredients: organic world class specialty coffee and water. We source our coffee directly through smallholder farmers and women-owned co-ops to ensure BOLT has an exceedingly fresh, smooth and clean coffee taste. We also use a proprietary cold brewing process that maintains the beautiful tasting notes in every bean.

Don’t expect to see any sweeteners or fillers on our label, because BOLT doesn’t need them — It tastes amazing.

If you’re just now hopping on the cold brew trend or looking for an exceptional cold brew experience, we hope you’ll try BOLT

It’s great on its own but also can serve as the base for your favorite coffee drink or coffee-based cocktail. 

You can find BOLT, in original and nitro, in the refrigerated aisle in a grocery store near you, including: all Sprouts Farmers Market stores nationwide; Winn-Dixie stores in the Southeast; and select Whole Foods Market stores in Florida. BOLT is also available at all Buddy Brew locations.

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