Cascara Tea - 2.5oz

Cascara Tea - 2.5oz

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Though many refer to it as tea, Cascara (which means “skin of the fruit” in Spanish), is a unique drink made from the dried skins and pulp of coffee cherries. As you may already know, the cherry, which is home to the coffee bean before it’s harvested, has a fruity, floral quality akin to an herbal tea. The cherry skins and pulp are normally removed from the bean after harvest and are used as compost to enrich the soil. But in recent years, coffee farmers are experimenting with saving the cascara to dry, roast and grind, resulting in a coffee drink that behaves and tastes more like an herbal tea. It’s unique and satisfying and has a reduced caffeine content. Cascara is the perfect drink for coffee and tea lovers alike. Available for a limited time. Don’t miss out!

WHAT WE TASTE: Hibiscus, dried cherry, rose 

BREWING RECOMMENDATIONS: Traditional hot tea brew or served over ice (1.5 grams of Cascara to 1 oz. of water)  


Costa Rica


Llano Bonito De Naranjo


Finca Santa Lucia, Finca Anonos


1600 masl


Caturra, Catuai, Villa Lobos 


Coffee cherries are pulped, skins are dried